The Dutchman Dairy Exotic Animal Farm in Economy, NS

One destination left to fully explore in our area has been the Dutchman Dairy Animal Enclosure. I snowshoed through parts of it last March and knew then that I would bring the grandchildren when they come for a visit. We made it there last Wednesday. Admission per person is $4.25+tax. Children receive two small bags of animal feed and two quarters each to buy more feed at the converted gum ball vending machines along the way. All in all the admission is good value for money.

The bird population is much reduced this year due to worries about Avian flue. But the children still enjoyed themselves immensely! I think hugging the emus came out as a top experience! Let the photo essay speak for itself:

Alongside the animals the plantings throughout kept my attention span on high alert. I was able to explore my mindful photography side. These images will be shared in my next post. Wishing you all a restful Sunday. Cheers, Anna

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