Best laid plans…

My friend and I had plans to participate in and support the first ever NSHike event in River Hebert this afternoon. On the way there I checked for the address and saw a posting that it had been cancelled for today. Well, we were already half way there so we continued to Amherst instead where we explored the Layton’s Lake Trail in the Chignecto wildlife area.

We were not disappointed! The trail is well marked with long stretches of gravel pathway interspersed with sections of exposed roots. The parking lot was overflowing but the trail loop we chose was wonderfully tranquil. We met one other person and felt we had the woods to ourselves.

The 2.1 km loop was rated as a 45 minute easy hike. We took about that much time with stopping, conversing with tiny squirrels, watching birds, examining brightly coloured fungi and taking in the massive damages from hurricane Fiona.

I am sure you can tell that we really didn’t mind changing our plan. We vowed to return soon and explore the shorter loop (less than 1 km). This area would also be interesting during the the winter. Can’t wait to return!

Hope your Sunday has been as pleasant as mine. Feeling restored for a busy week ahead. Best wishes, Anna

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