Happy New Year!

It was a bit of a tough decision between cuddling the pups on the couch…

…and grabbing my backpack to explore nature in the rain.

The call of Clarke Head and the beach won out. I arrived about 45 minutes before low tide.

The rain had stopped as soon as I arrived on the beach and my solitary walk was just what I needed after socializing over the holidays. Breathing in fresh sea air, watching the light change and listening to the waves was so therapeutic.

Walking alone is always best when I want to focus on practicing my contemplative photography. I discovered a treasure trove today:

The blue sky appeared as I reached the ancient arch…

…and the sun tried to push through the clouds providing an amazing backdrop for Clarke Head.

On the way back I picked up 8.5 lbs of trash, leaving my favourite beach just a little cleaner for the start of 2023.

Mostly rope, styrofoam, plastic bottles and take out beverage containers.

I hope the first full day of the new year has set the tone for what’s in store for 2023. I feel I have made a great start. Best wishes for good health and happiness, Anna

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I like your words “contemplative photography” marvelous precept, Anna.
    The arch against the suuden cloud and sky is awesome. I am surprised that you can still find color shrubbery in your area. Thank you. I enjoyed your share.
    Happy New Year, 2023.

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    1. It has been fairly mild here this winter and quite wet. There is always colour!! Especially on the beach with different seaweeds and diverse geology. Humid days bring out the colour!


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