Cape Sharpe: Solitary Hike

A return to Cape Sharpe has long been on my “to do” list. It’s not a long hike but it is one I don’t consider an easy hike.

I came here last October when I was not my best due to a shoulder injury. The relative short but steep rocky ATV path posed a challenge and I seriously questioned my overall fitness level.

Today helped me verify that the October incident is behind me. I hiked the stretch solo today so I wouldn’t slow down my hiking buddy. With regular stops along the way for photo opportunities the 2.6 km round trip took me just under 1 hour. The images above don’t really do the steep path justice. But if you take your time it is achievable for most hikers.

The views are second to none! On a sunny day the lighthouse would make for a great picnic destination.

From stunning vistas to tiny natural treasures, this hike offers something for everyone!

Some trail details to consider: this is one of those “uphill both ways” kinda trails😜. It is rocky and uneven and requires sturdy hiking boots. Hiking poles are also recommended to aid with balance when negotiating the steep uneven terrain. Dress in layers as the wind can be strong and getting chilled is a definite possibility.

…here is a reminder to pack out what you pack in when you plan your lunch or picnic. Please respect the “leave no trace” principles. The aluminum beverage can was an unnecessary tree topper. I was unable to retrieve it as the tree grows on the extreme cliff edge.

Hope you find this trail info valuable. Happy Thursday, Anna

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