Phinney Green in January

Yes, it’s January 18th and we are exploring the Cliffs of Fundy GeoPark beaches! I had planned a hike a little closer to Parrsboro but after the snow and rain we had last weekend access was too uncertain. Instead we carpooled to Phinney Green, about 10 minutes further down shore toward Advocate Harbour.

With five participants and loads of enthusiasm I was very pleased about the level of interest this hike generated. The beach was vast due to the outgoing tide and the light was magical, as it so often is after several days of rain and snow.

Several participants had never visited Phinney Green before. There was much to discover and appreciate on our hike. We may not have walked far but a short rest was welcome. While refuelling we discovered a petrified tree not far from where the driftwood log was. There were scallop shells scattered along the beach for another impromptu sharing session.

It’s always a great day to explore a beach on the Fundy Shore. Phinney Green is not an easy beach to find. Driving from Parrsboro watch for the Fraserville Loop and take the turnoff at the guard rail. Follow the road to where it leads down a hill (80 m) through the forest. Today I was glad for the option of four-wheel drive. This approach through the woods is often rough and can have washed out sections. There is a level space for parking at the bottom of the approach.

After last weekend’s storm we encountered a lot of driftwood and debris that had washed up near the beach access. We watched our step and took it slowly. Once on the beach it’s easy going. I would consider it Level 1 terrain, which means no slippery rocks or boulders to climb over. Watch for cliff erosion and keep your physical distance. A good rule of thumb is to stay at least one school bus length away from the cliffs to avoid falling rocks or mini-mudslides.

I hope this short recap of today’s hike will inspire you to get out and explore. Happy Wednesday, Anna

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