Taking the long way to Clarke Head

I found out recently that a hiking friend of mine had never explored the shore from First Beach through Second Beach to the Glooscap Campground. We agreed to venture out together and just a couple of days ago I suggested we walk all the way to Clarke Head. I knew he would jump at the offer. Today was the day: the sun was just breaking through the early morning cloud cover as we arrived at First Beach. It was 8:30 and the tide was well on its way out.

The beach terrain continually changes and with each tide the ocean floor is churned. I last walked here New Year’s Day and there were noticeably fewer large rocks. Everything had changed since then!

The cliffs always show off their colours so well on a bright and sunny day!

And each new excursion offers up fresh details and discoveries.

In one direction the Geopark Cliffs and in the distance, across a churning Bay of Fundy, Cape Split.

Our 15 km hike took just under 4 ½ hours. We were moving swiftly, perhaps the stiff breeze propelled us along. The closer we got to Parrsboro and where we parked the car the warmer it became.

What a great way to spend a Friday morning!

General equipment and terrain info: Based on today’s breezy weather and the temperature hovering around -2 C I was grateful for the fleece-lined wind-proof pants over a thermal layer. A merino shirt, polar-fleece lined wind and water-proof jacket and merino neck gaiter helped me to retain body heat. Those who know me also know that I rarely wear a hat. I was truly grateful for my hand-knit toque😁. I wore gloves which eventually worked just fine. At the onset I regretted for not bringing mittens.

The rocky terrain demanded my water-proof hiking boots and for the second half of the hike I even extended my trekking poles. They really helped with balance on the chunky rocks.

I sincerely hope that these posts help some of you with their hiking preparations.

Wishing everyone a fantastic Saturday! Best wishes, Anna

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