October Hike to Clarke Head…

Just in case you are new to my posts, I made a vow to myself late last December that I would return to Clarke Head once a month throughout 2022.

I have kept that promise to myself and embarked on this beach hike at least once a month, some days alone and other days with friends or someone new to the area. I always love another person’s reaction when the natural stone arch comes into view. It still takes my breath away each time!

Yesterday Fran (visiting from Chicago) and I were treated to a beautiful day. Along our hike back to the car we met several landscape photographers from Ontario and Halifax areas who can’t get enough of the Class of Fundy beaches.

I didn’t make many images. Could it be that I am getting desensitized?… I sincerely hope the answer is “no”.

Wishing you all a great start to the weekend. All the best, Anna

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