Every Rock Has a Story…

I came across this photo yesterday. It popped up on my FaceBook memories and I realized that I made the image two years ago on my very first Clarke Head hike.

I have fond memories of that day, I felt so adventurous to go on my solo excursion. When I stumbled upon this amazing rock I could not help but compare it to a dinosaur footprint, fitting when on considers its location.

I have hiked along this beach at least two dozen times since but the rock has disappeared! It was as big as a person. I imagine it is buried under pebbles moved by the powerful Bay of Funday tides. I won’t give up hope that one day the rock reappears, uncovered by the same mighty tides that buried it. Naturally I check each time I walk past this particular stretch of beach hoping.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend. Best wishes, Anna

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