Limitless Inspiration: Kelp…

Inspired by the Poet Wallace Stevens and his poem “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” I dive deep into a study of kelp… Stevens’ poem is instructive in two ways: it teaches us how to see AND how to try. This way of gathering understanding applies to everything, including the many ways to listen and love.

I never imagined myself so fascinated by the low-tide offerings, especially kelp. When I first ventured out with my friend I tossed the idea of photographing kelp aside, not expecting to get so pulled in by the lush green of recently pulled-from-the-ocean-depths, supple lengths of kelp. These days I delight in discovering kelp: all stages, from green, still immersed in shallow pools of salt water, to cream coloured, almost translucent sheets, with droplets of water clinging to the underside evoking images of silky wedding gown folds to rich brown, butterscotch-like creations aided by wind, waves and rain.

I have found more than 13 ways of looking… when I get down on my knees to capture the light on the folds just so, I stop thinking, I listen to that innermost voice. My intuition guides me.

Do you experience such moments? Perhaps a newly opened blossom in your garden… the first carrot of the season pulled from the rich soil,with tiny hair roots extending and desperately holding on to the last crumbs of nourishing earth… maybe it is the joyful chirp of a bird in the tree or simply the buzz of a bee as it busily gathers pollen to carry back to the hive that transports you to the purest form of listening with your whole being. These are moments to add to our memory bank to help us get through the darker days.

If you can, find yourself a quiet spot today and ignore the work that is calling you. Close your eyes, even just for ten seconds, and take in the sounds of nature.

Add these impressions and experiences to your memory vault and visit them often to brighten your days! Enjoy your Sunday, Anna

2 thoughts on “Limitless Inspiration: Kelp…

    1. Linda!! What a nice note. I am so glad you are both following the new blog and are enjoying the images of my new environment. It is always great to hear from you!


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