There is a Crack in Everything…

On a warm and humid afternoon we decided to chase the tide out at the mouth of Moose River and the adjoining beach. The rocky terrain promised solitude but this time we passed two other visitors enjoying the sunny afternoon.

We waved and called a greeting to the couple. Before too long we found ourselves at the foot of a deteriorating cliff. We fell silent. Between shutters clicking and the occasional shifting of feet on the brittle shale rock slope the earth around us receded.

Completely absorbed by the natural offerings three hours passed quickly. My thoughts circled around the one line from Leonard Cohen’s “Anthem” : “There is a crack, a crack in everything – That’s how the light gets in…”

There are so many more images from this outing but they demand another post.
Enjoy today’s crack-inspired post and don’t forget to listen to the Leonard Cohen song. Just click on the link provided (skip the ads) while viewing the images… perhaps it transports you to the place I am sharing.

Enjoy your Wednesday! Best wishes, Anna

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