The Burning Question

What is THAT??

This, my friends, is a close up image of a particularly interesting rock. I don’t really like the word “interesting”. Instead, I could call it a colourful rock, a rock with unusual indentations and diagonal lines, or I could just call it a beach rock.

I spent some time exploring it using my 70 mm Sigma macro lens. I recently reclaimed this lens (it was resting in Colin’s camera case). I have 105 mm and 150 mm macro lenses but I must be honest: I have owned the 70 mm macro lens the longest and it is the one that produces images I am extremely partial to.

During the last half dozen beach excursions I have carried my full-frame Nikon D610 with the Sigma 70 mm macro lens. The challenge I have set for myself is to move in close to discover the most amazing details. I have a feeling that you agree with my view: Looking closely the world unfolds its many layers to help us get lost for a moment in time…

At another beach I came across these circular markings in the rocks. They reminded me of rings made by evaporated salt water on smooth rocks. These circles however, are not made by the salt water.They are found on sedimentary rocks and look like they were drawn free-hand by countless ancient humans leaving their mark.

Why not make it your mission today to explore the world up close and personal? If you don’t like making pictures with your camera just move into the subject matter and explore it with your eyes. Perhaps your garden is in full bloom. The colours evoke joy and the scents are intoxicating. Appreciate the flower as a whole entity, then move in close and explore its many parts:

Enjoy your excursion! Have a fantastic summer day filled with colour, texture and line.
Warm wishes, Anna

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