It’s Time for the Harvest…

We learned recently that the time around the full moon closest to summer solstice is ideal for harvesting dulse. According to experienced dulsers, it is the most tender dulse to eat. The “stuff people harvest in October” is apparently “tough and chewy like a latex glove”. We joined several friends on an impromptu beach outing to evaluate the 2021 dulse situation.

Thanks to our friends and their buggies, Colin was able to join the excursion. It was his first time to Wasson’s Bluff and viewing Two Islands from this level. What a great time of day to explore!

The tide was at its lowest level and the ocean floor stretched out before us.

I immediately homed in on the red mud dotted with barnacle covered rocks. I had explored this beach before but never at such low tide levels. I usually walk in the opposite direction, so this was a real treat for the eyes!

I started to walk out with my friends and suddenly realized why everyone else was wearing shorts and most importantly… water shoes!

When the water reached the top of my hiking boots I decided to turn around and wait this one out. Silly me! The former prairie girl is coming to the surface… “Looking for dulse” is synonymous for “getting your legs and feet wet”! I will remember this when I return for the harvest.

A trip to the beach is never wasted. I turned my attention to the treasures at my feet. Colours, patterns and textures unfolded and called out to be explored. What a great environment we live in. Taking a deep breath of the salty air, feeling the sun on my shoulders and splashing through the standing water washes away the stresses of the day.

Hope you enjoyed out short excursion!
Check back soon for more pictures and the actual dulse harvest experience.
Warm wishes, Anna

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