Five Islands Lighthouse Park

Approximately 20 minutes from Parrsboro Five Islands Lighthouse Park in Colchester County is a great destination. Touring one of the newcomers to Parrsboro I made it a stop along the drive. We left town in a grey shroud with drizzle. When we turned onto Broderick Lane in Five Islands the clouds parted and the sun illuminated the landscape before us. What a sight it is!

I love the five islands landscape. Moose Island is the largest, followed by Diamond, Long, Egg, and Pinnacle Islands. Their appearance changes with the light conditions and levels of the tide and I am never disappointed by what is on offer anytime during the year.

The beach at Five Islands Lighthouse Park is secluded and somewhat sheltered. A couple had claimed a spot for sunbathing and swimming. The water temperature in the Bay of Fundy has risen steadily to 14 C. I am not much of a swimmer but I have several friends here who swim in the Bay of Fundy for up to 10 months of the year. Biohacking at its finest! Perhaps this couple belongs to that somewhat “exclusive” club?

I often walk the beach at Five Islands Lighthouse Park. The beach connects to Philip Filmore Beach down shore and stretches a fair distance in the other direction along several impressive cottages.

There wasn’t time to walk during this brief stop but, there is always time to get close to the flowers and weeds.

Hope you enjoyed today’s short stop at another great beach destination. Have a wonderful day. Best Wishes, Anna

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