Close to Home: Parrsboro Lighthouse

The first time I saw a lighthouse when I was little I wanted to live in one… These days I am convinced that the next best thing to living and maintaining a lighthouse is to live close to one. How lucky am I to have moved to a town with a lighthouse? No matter what the weather, the time of day, the level of the tide: The Parrsboro Lighthouse always holds interest for me. When we first arrived my favourite viewing point of the lighthouse was a five minute walk away. These days it takes me about 20 minutes if I walk and about five minutes when I drive.

Rather than rambling on about the lighthouse’s many picturesque attributes I will share an extensive slideshow with you below.

In the practice of Contemplative Miksang Photography we work with many themes. One such theme is called “the Motif in Landscape”. Obviously this is a subject that takes time to fully embrace. The local lighthouse is the perfect subject to explore as a “Motif” for me. The images presented today are only a small selection of the vast number of images I have created. I believe they represent a good overview of the lighthouse in the landscape… or perhaps better, the seascape.

If you are also interested in the captivating and long history of the Parrsboro lighthouse I will invite you to visit this site. Enjoy today’s post.

Warm wishes and lovely skies to you all, Anna

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