Red Rock Beach

I was scrolling back through some images I captured in late November 2020 and April 2021 when we ventured out to Advocate Harbour. Parking at the Driftwood Beach parking lot gives the walker a choice: turn left off the ramp and enjoy all the driftwood you want or… turn right and head toward the Red Rocks in the distance.

The Red Rocks of Cape Chignecto have a special appeal. I remember the first time I visited this beach I was drawn by the colour, intensified by the deep blue sky overhead. I could hardly believe that this was on November 29th… No snow in sight. Yes, it was windy, and it was chilly enough that I needed my winter coat but the sunshine made everything so pleasant!

I had spotted the red rocks beyond the protective breakwater. And I felt compelled to stop and capture the images in the slideshow above as the rocks and pebbles lodged between the massive logs demanded my attention.

The rocks glow and, depending on how much time has elapsed from the last high tide, the wetter the rocks the more intense the colour. I can never get enough of these red sandstone rocks found in the Bay of Fundy. The driftwood perched on these immense rocks add to their interest and just call the photographer to explore to his or her heart’s content.

It’s time I head back to Advocate Harbour again soon. I haven’t visited the Red Rocks at all this summer. I will check the tide tables and look for a window of time that ensures I can walk around the rocks and explore them. It’s always a great outing, no matter the time of year!

Best of all, when the tide is just at the “right” level and the wave action is strong I am mesmerized by the deep-throated sounds that echo from the rocks as the water rolls in and collides with the formation. I have only witnessed this once and it instilled in me a feeling of deep respect. It was mysterious and powerful at the same time and it reminded me of the water’s force and how fast tides move in and out.

Stay tuned for summer images from this particular beach soon. It’s time to go back for another hike. Warm wishes, Anna

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