The Many Faces of Wasson’s Bluff

This is what I get when I haven’t been to a particular beach in a while. The inspiration is limitless and I see everything with fresh eyes. As I was reviewing the images from Saturday night I realized that a few faces crept into the plethora of images I gathered. Here are a few. Look at the image at the top. Can you see the face close to the top looking down on us?

Here is my own pre-historic creature looking across… (image above) and the full alligator below.

A sleepy giant?

A face flattened by time?

Who might this be peaking around the corner?

A Cubist attempt…

From blind laughter to an upside down face…

…two friends in agreement…

…perhaps no face at all?

And just so you are not haunted by some of the more ghoulish faces I will leave you with this mysterious images of Two Islands with the incoming tide.

I hope you enjoyed today’s variation of my beach walk impressions. Have a wonderful day, Anna

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