Wild Blueberry Time!!!

When we rolled into town on October 16th last year we were really taken with the landscape surrounding Parrsboro. The rolling fields were a deep red and, upon further reading, we soon learned that this was due to the post-harvest stage of the blueberry plants. What a sight!

I have been watching the fields through the seasons and on Sunday our friend Reg pronounced that the blueberries are ripe and he would share with us his favourite spot. The area he likes is one that has not been sprayed (yes, they spray the blueberry fields…) and it is located right under a satellite tower so would not be accessible to the harvesting equipment.

The four of us spread out and within an hour had collected a good amount of berries. I was the slowest as I am a real stickler for not picking over or under-ripe berries or leaves. Makes for an easier time at home when you prepare the berries for freezing. Combined Colin and I put up about 20 cups of berries.

Another bonus for living in this area of Nova Scotia. We shall go back next week and get more berries, weather permitting. We are preparing for winter! Yikes! Can you believe I am thinking that far ahead?

Enjoy your day, everyone! Best wishes, Anna

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