T’is the Season…

…when the back country roads call with the promise of mushrooms.

I am getting much better with making spur of the moment decisions and when the text arrived yesterday morning if I was interested in checking “our spot” for a new crop of mushrooms I could not say no. There was nothing else on the agenda and soon we were on the road.

Our previous spot did not disappoint. All around the area Chanterelles were “glowing” and we soon filled one basket with pure deliciousness!

Learning from my friends Laura I brought along a sharp knife and a soft toothbrush to clean the mushrooms as we collected them.

It was worth the effort as once we arrived home we just weight our haul and divided it between us.

On the way home we explored some out of the way roads and discovered another fantastic spot with Chanterelles! They were even more fresh and by the time we gathered them we filled another basket half full. When we weighed them we had found 3 lbs of pure gold! They are all genuine Chanterelles and ready for preparation. I am dehydrating half of my portion and plan to prepare the rest in a cream sauce for tonight’s dinner. Mushroom season is the best. We are already planning our next excursion.

We stumbled across a number of other mushrooms but were not too sure about the varieties. We found one Boletus or King mushroom, I knew them as Steinpilz during my Childhood in Germany, you may know them as Porcini. It was partially eaten by slugs but now I know what to look for the next time! The jury is still out on the large white mushrooms we brought home to have a friend identify them as edible. White Chanterelle was mentioned but without a positive definitive identification I am not willing to chance cooking it up and serving it. More research is taking place…

Mushroom identification guides are on their way! This is a whole new area. I never thought I would be gathering mushrooms… During my childhood this was a Sunday afternoon autumnal activity with my mother and siblings and, truth be told, I wasn’t too fond of that somewhat forced activity. How times change and how we change interests. As the saying goes: “Never say never!”

Have a great weekend, everyone! Best wishes, Anna

4 thoughts on “T’is the Season…

  1. My dad loved to pick, anything, a rain meant mushrooms. He somehow knew what was good, and what wasn’t. I seem to remember mushrooms shaped like Christmas trees? And there was a UKrainian name for them. Never one for eating mushrooms I may have missed out on something special. Blueberries were also a must. My growing up years in Manitoba.

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