Looking Back and Looking Forward…

Soley Cover, Lower Economy, Nova Scotia

Three full months of daily blogging… I didn’t think I had it in me when I first began to plan this journey of combining my photography and humble attempts at contemplative writing as a new path. Well, I made it, this is post #93 since June 1st, 2021. The Fundy Contemplations Blog is well on its way, evolving still and hopefully not boring and predictable.

What have a learned? I now know that I can follow through with new goals. It wasn’t all that hard to sit down every day to select images and weave sentences together that offer some aspects of interest for you, my loyal readers. Thank you for signing up and following along on my path of exploring the Bay of Fundy and other areas of my new home province.

Here is my promise to you: I will continue to create images and content of interest centering around photography and the history of Nova Scotia. It is truly amazing when I assess what I have shared thus far and how much more there is to discover and elaborate on. I have only pushed the proverbial door open a tiny crack. No words like “Open Sesame” are necessary as the images and history present spill forth, waiting to be repackaged for sharing.

Your feedback has been invaluable. I appreciate local friends who share that they follow along with interest, that opening my blog has set the tone for their day. I love to hear from those of you who tune in and take the time to comment below a post any post. Engagement like that provides the encouragement needed for a blogger to push on. If words are not your “thing” I will be honest, clicking on the “like button” will put a smile on my face every time. So, please keep the feedback coming and I will invest my time in sharing my discoveries.

All the best for a new month! Stay safe and stay well, Anna

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