Akin to Turning the Pages of a Book…

…That is how I observe the geology here along the beaches of the Fundy GeoPark. I equate my walk to Clarke Head several days ago to opening a new book, one filled with knowledge ready to be explored and applied. Positioning the camera close to the diverse surfaces of the rock cliffs that line the beach piques my curiosity time after time.

The images above are close ups of Gypsum. The common colours include pink, white and/or grey. Gypsum is so soft you can scratch it with your fingernail. It is classified as a chemical sedimentary rock. These originate and were formed in warm climates where minerals like Gypsum and Halite (salt) bonded as the seawater evaporated. These rocks are soluable and respond well to erosion. Therefore they are not commonly found as beach pebbles.

I captured them close to the cliff edge where they had been dislodged by the latest tidal action.

My first response when discovering these Chabazite veins along the cliffs was “The earth is bleeding…!”. With its dramatic colour ranging from pale orange to a deep red it always catches my eye instantly, since the very first time I spotted them last November. I have brought home small fragments that lose their intense colour quickly when the mineral is exposed to sunlight. Chabazite occurs most commonly in voids of basaltic rocks.

Upon further reading I discovered that Chabazite is found across the globe in India, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland, Bohemia, Italy, Germany, along the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia, Oregon, Arizona, and New Jersey. Yes, in Canada the only place to explore Chabazite it is the Bay of Fundy. How fortunate for all of us who live here! No need to venture far.

Today’s slide shows focused on only two discoveries I have made over the past ten months. There will be more sharing in the future. I sincerely hope you have enjoyed today’s eye-catching discoveries. Have a wonderful day and try to find some time to explore your own environment. Best wishes, Anna

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