It’s Visceral…

It was a mild, grey day yesterday. We took a drive to the you-pick pumpkin patch just a few minutes out of Parrsboro. On the way it started to drizzle…

…but we had plenty of distractions! The colours, oh those colours! I can’t properly describe my reaction every time I see the vibrant reds and golds and every shade in between. I keep saying: “I have a visceral experience! I can taste these colours.” “What do they taste like?” is the follow up question? I have no definitive answer. I looked up “visceral” and this is what I found:

“A ‘visceral’ response is a physical reaction to a non-physical experience, an emotion. It could be the product of a live experience (i.e., something playing out in front of your eyes). … Point is, it’s guttural and uncontrollable, an innate cue that you’re feeling an extreme emotion.”

Yup, I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Isn’t this just fabulous?

And how about these trees? I can’t decide what I like best? These images are straight from my iPhone XR, no manipulation or colour enhancements. I am at a loss for words. These images speak their own language, can you hear it? Sit back, listen and get lost in the images.

Wishing you a fabulous weekend. Enjoy! Anna

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