At the Foot of Economy Mountain…

…is a sharp turn off easily many. We had not taken the road since last spring and, on a recent return trip from Masstown, we decided to take a quick drive down Soley Road. The tide was steadily rising and I was interested in finding out if the sea stack visible from the road was surrounded by water again.

The light was amazing but the sea stack was in the shadow due to the late hour. It made me realize that despite best intentions I never walked on the ocean floor here all summer. It is such a special place and I must sort through my images to share those gathered during three visits last winter and spring. This time I turned my attention to the surrounding colours.

We were soon homeward bound following the road winding its way up and down through the Cobequid Moutains. At every turn it felt as if someone was switching on the lights ahead.

We had some strong rain and wind over the weekend but I am hopeful that not all the leaves have been knocked off the trees quite yet. Sunshine is in the forecast for today and we plan to take full advantage of another beautiful fall day. Fingers crossed our chosen route today will shine with leaves washed clean by the rain yesterday. Perhaps we can even find a mushroom or two as we stop to explore the woods on short walks.

Best wishes for a great start to the week. Happy Monday, everyone! Anna

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