Have you ever visited a Sugar Bush?

Large stainless steel vats boiling the maple sap in March 2021 at Ripley’s Maple Sugar Camp in Fenwick, NS near Springhill.

It’s great when the sap flows and just as wonderful when the leaves have turned! You are probably wondering why I would post an archival image from earlier this year. It was a momentous event when our friends introduced us to the Nova Scotia mid-winter tradition of visiting a “sugar camp”. Here are a few more images from that visit. Ripley’s is located on a river with their own water wheel to produce the electricity needed to keep “things running.”

Last week a friend mentioned that she recently walked the sugar bush in Fenwick. She raved about the colours and that was enough to pique my curiosity. Yesterday was the first free day for me and the weather looked promising. The drive was worth it, judge for yourself!

The sun cooperated: Just as I was embarking on my walk the wind pushed the clouds apart and the path was illuminated.

Most of you know me, I can never just focus on the landscape at large… here are a few close up images of eye-catching details you might find interesting.

I hope you have enjoyed the colours as much as I have. May it set the tone for the day. Best wishes, Anna

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