Carpe Momentum…

It was a day filled with chilly wind, moments of sunshine and blue sky interspersed with amazing clouds. Instead of spending the late afternoon lounging on the couch or tending to some items on the “to do list” we jumped in the car and drove to one of our favourite beaches.

Spencer’s Island was the first beach we explored a year ago after completing the mandatory isolation following our move to Nova Scotia. A Sunday afternoon trip down shore always restores depleted energy for us. We have walked this beach in warm sunshine wading through the shallow water at low tide looking for sand dollars and we walked it leaning into the wind with jackets zippered fully to withstand the stiff breeze. Yesterday afternoon was one where a well-insulated jacket was a basic requirement.

The sky was changing constantly and the surf was delightful to watch and listen to. I picked up a couple of pieces of well-polished sea glass and collected bits and pieces the tide had washed up… I have some ideas where I want to incorporate crab shells, lobster claws and seaweed in some art work, but that is another story! Let’s look at some images I captured during the Golden Hour just as we started our drive back to Parrsboro.

The scenery always takes our breath away. Yesterday it was constantly changing with the light getting filtered through the clouds. Travelled along the winding road, glimpses of the water with Cape Split and Blomidon across the Minas Basin always excite.

We could not have timed the trip home any better for several reasons: By the time we arrived in Port Greville the sun was slipping below the horizon and the rich sunset colours reflected in the clouds and water. On the radio Carly Simon’s song “You’re so Vain” was playing. The lyrics include “…Then you flew your lear jet up to Nova Scotia / To see the total eclipse of the sun…” We didn’t see the total eclipse of the sun, we witnessed nature’s best colour show instead!

With hardly any traffic on the road we were able to pull over and take in the views and sky colours which made for a leisurely drive. The trees down shore are nearly bare but the colours in the water and sky made for a fabulous display, one not soon forgotten.

Hope you enjoyed this little end of day outing witnessed with our eyes and captured through the lens of my camera. May your week be filled with magical moments and rich colours. Best wishes, Anna

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