“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust

I make a point of walking every morning. It’s not just a time to myself, I walk our dogs and the route I choose is usually the same each day. Yesterday I veered off my regular path and was rewarded with new discoveries. I am grateful to the gardener who has not bowed to social pressure and the usual dates on the gardening calendar and cleaned up the flower beds for winter. These hosta leaves made me stop, examine their texture and stages of decay. They drew me in to capture them in their perfect imperfection. These images remind us that everything is fleeting. Life will not stay the same, nature will renew itself and die back again.

The Proust quote was perfect to put my experience into words. I had become too complacent walking the same streets. All it took to wake up was fifty steps beyond my usual turnaround point.

Parrsboro is a wonderful little town, community spirit soars and this time of year everyone is getting into the Christmas Spirit. This town still has a Santa Parade – even last year with Covid restrictions in place the parade was not cancelled. Santa mounted the fire truck and the mini-parade drove through each street, past each house and the positive energy spread sustained everyone for the season.

This year the parade is scheduled for December 3rd, on November 26th we have the Lighting of the Town celebration. Our choir will be bringing some Christmas cheer with traditional songs for everyone to join in. On December 4th Parrsboro Creative and the newly founded Fibre Guild are hosting a Christmas ornament make-and-take event. November 27 the annual highly anticipated craft sale takes place at the Legion and on December 4th another craft sale at the Fundy Geological Museum promises to add variety and opportunity to shop local. I haven’t even listed the concerts and plays at the Hall…

For such a small town the activities are countless. Can’t wait to experience them in person for the first time. Stay tuned for images along the way. Feeling blessed! Happy Monday, Anna

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