2021 is entering into its last week and all the hope and confidence that it would be easier to gather and celebrate this year have dissolved into thin air…

Covid numbers are rising steadily and in fact, have never been so high in Canada. I have made a resolution: We will forge ahead, continue to be cautious, commit to staying positive and spend as much time outdoors as the weather allows. It’s a gorgeous and sunny day here, in the Bay of Fundy… We are heading out to Advocate Harbour for an outdoor “killer eggnog” tasting (as described by the hostess) and a walk on the beach.

The Christmas tree is up, gifts are wrapped, cookie packages were delivered to the neighbours along our street a little while ago and I have time to spare. A walk at the beach is the perfect way to slow down and shift gears.

May your holiday season be filled with warmth, love, family time and much joy. Merry Christmas to all and thank you for following my Fundy Contemplations Blog.

Best wishes, Anna

Click here or here for some beautiful seasonal music! Enjoy.

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