Morning Walk Impressions

I haven’t made much effort to go for extended walks lately, the beaches keep calling… These days I am staying closer to home and my daily morning walk with the pups offers amazing views and light shows.

From the time I close the back door and cross the deck to the views across the Parrsboro Aboiteau, I stop often to take in the views, breathing deeply and even capture the odd image when the sun pushes through the clouds just so.

The wind was strong and quite chilly this morning which made my pace brisk. After yesterday’s freezing rain I am grateful for a clear road without icy patches. The absence of snow doesn’t provide much of a backdrop for Christmas but it does not bother me. Where did the month go, never mind: Where did the year go?

These are a time for reflection, a time to take stock and the results are in. Despite pandemic ups and downs, the tightening of regulations once more and cancellations of get-togethers to keep everyone safe it has been a great year filled with wonderful vistas, amazing photo opportunities, the forging and deepening of friendships and daily blessings.

Best wishes and one more burst of energy to all as we close in on Christmas and keep busy with completing last-minute tasks. All the best, Anna

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