First Light Challenge

Have you heard about the universal First Light Challenge? Photographers around the world make it their mission to capture the first light on the first day of New Year. I am usually not that ambitious, especially in the winter. Getting up and out into the cool weather isn’t my first choice. However, yesterday I was up quite early and wide awake.

Sunrise was predicted for 7:57 am. I arrived at Partridge Island Beach at 7:45 and set out walking the beach to prevent the chill to penetrate my clothing. I carefully watched the tiny sliver of light on the far eastern horizon where the waters of the Bay of Fundy met the sky and I was a little disappointed that the change was so subtle.

I spent about 45 minutes exploring the beach, picking up sea glass, watching the crows and gulls and observing the change of light and slight lifting of the fog. It was truly magical, especially since I was the only person at this popular beach at that time of day.

Enjoy your first Sunday of 2022. The tide is rolling in here and we have light rain falling. The grey weather outside calls for curling up on the couch with a good book…

Best wishes, Anna

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