The Reprieve…

Yup, this was yesterday, the day after we dug out from “the big storm.” These high mountains of packed snow on either side of the road after the snowplow cleared the streets and our super helpful and kind neighbours helped us shovel the driveway and paths to front and back doors reminded me of my childhood growing up in a small mountain village in Bavaria. According to the Parrsboro old-timers, this is a normal winter, the way it used to be. Over the last few years, everyone has been spoiled with milder weather and less snow or rain.

When the sky was so beautiful and clear yesterday we decided to go for a short excursion. We ended up at First Beach across from the Parrsboro Lighthouse and found it hard to believe that we had just weathered a major winter storm that brought destruction and lengthy power outages to most of Nova Scotia. I enjoyed a short walk along the calm waters of the Bay of Fundy with gulls circling overhead and seasoned sea glass under my feet.

Today is spent preparing meals suitable for a power outage and baking some bread to thank the neighbours for their help on Saturday. Fingers crossed the power stays on and the trees in our yard remain standing.

Happy Monday. Stay safe, Anna

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