Sunny but Cold…

The temperature on my weather app told it it was -24 C this morning but I let the sunshine fool me. It is cold outside, no question about it.

The high tide yesterday flooded the area beyond our backyard yesterday creating a vast ice-covered area with a small crack for the water to flow. This winter is so different from last year’s and I have the best view from the living room to contrast and compare the two winters in Parrsboro.

Meanwhile, it has warmed up to -14C and when I stepped outside I could not feel the wind immediately. Standing in the bright sunshine I detected an unusual sound. Looking around I realized it stemmed from the tree and its reaction to the slight breeze. It sounded like thin layers of ice breaking up on a lake due to wind action.

Stay warm, everybody! Wishing you all a great weekend. May the sunshine prevail wherever you are! Best wishes, Anna

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