Mood Enhancer…

Sometimes one has to just throw caution to the wind and do what one wants to do, and that is, to take full advantage of the gorgeous sunshine despite the cold.

I think I have become complacent, trusting and not to mention, a bit whimpy! When people in Nova Scotia start to complain about the cold, it is easy to slip into the same mindset. Today I pulled on my new, super comfy winter boots, zipped up my winter coat, which regularly protected me from -40 C on the prairies, and set out to snap a few pictures to post here. I just had to get out for a change!

Imagine my surprise, when it wasn’t all that chilly. I don’t like wearing a hat and it was no problem, at least not until I ran into some friends on the beach and we stood and chatted for a while. Only then did I have to pull up the hood. As long as I kept on moving I was fine and if I didn’t know any better I would have thought it was at least 10 degrees warmer. Apart from the light breeze at the beach, the wind stayed away.

I am grateful I persevered and went outside. It was so rewarding to find natural ice formations, seaweed encased in a layer of ice, hoar frost-covered branches and patches of lacy ice on the rocky beach. It made for a great afternoon of exploring.

The weather is supposed to warm up. I look forward to getting out on a more regular basis again. Hope everyone else is staying toasty warm! Happy Saturday, Anna

2 thoughts on “Mood Enhancer…

  1. In Nova Scotia -10 is much colder than -10 in Saskatchewan. I think it has something to do with humidity, Years ago in Edmonton we would go skating on the outdoor community rink and think it was a fairly warm day at =10.

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