I inhaled deeply when I arrived at the beach yesterday: fresh, salty air, a little sunshine overhead and other-worldly ice sculptures only Mother Nature can create greeted me. It felt so good to get out, walk between the large rocks of First Beach toward these pink sand coloured monsters.

Click on the third image in this gallery and find ET… another reminded me of the Spaceship Enterprise. One of the dirty looking ice floes displayed a melting layer of clear candle ice, such a lovely contrast!

Walking toward Second Beach a lonely white ice chunk beckoned which, at first sight, reminded me of a polar bear. It lost its animal nature quickly as I moved closer. There, perched on a large boulder, was this magnificent sculpture, dripping and melting, changing shape with each passing minute.

Seaweed and kelp provided contrast and interest to the top of the flatter ice floes and it was easy to get lost in exploring each little still life.

The tide was coming in steadily and with it the wind picked up. I was glad to get back to the warm car but the walk was invigorating and long overdue!

Have a great Thursday. My big task for today is to get started on the Valentine’s Cake for the Parrsboro Hall Association Auction. The bids are high and I have finally settled on a checkerboard cake filled with vanilla buttercream. It looks fabulous in my mind… we shall see if I can match reality!

Best wishes, Anna

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