The First Day of Summer

…and the forest was calling! I follow a number of mushroom foraging groups on Facebook and saw images of early chanterelle discoveries last weekend. What better day to head out and check my favourite harvesting spots?

It was a cool morning and I didn’t really get my hopes up too high. I think we need more heat before I can fill my basket. But, it doesn’t hurt to look. Besides, forest bathing is almost as soothing as a beach walk… although the mosquitoes and blackflies were blood-thirsty today!

Just as we returned to the car we discovered a dead tree with these beauties… since we don’t carry a ladder we were unable to reach them. I am waiting to hear back for a positive identification for Oyster Mushrooms.

Making my way back to the main road I spotted a light patch of colour in the under brush. I backtracked quickly and found this cluster of mushrooms within easy reach. Once home, I scoured my mushroom identification books and I am 90% certain that these are indeed Oyster Mushrooms. I always double check with the experts… but if my pups are any indication with their keen interest in the gathering basket filled with mushrooms, these are indeed edible!

We shall see. I never prepare a mushroom I am not 100% certain about. happy first day of summer! Best wishes, Anna

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