Rich Local Natural History

A half hour just before the tide rolled in last Sunday yielded some nice crystal finds at Partridge Island beach.

Our area is a rock hound’s paradise and multiple-guided tours stop at this beach regularly. Parrsboro is uniquely situated on the Minas Basin and as such has had an important place in how the planet evolved. Google “Pangea” or “ super continent” and fill your mind with amazing facts!

Here is an image from the Fundy Geological Museum with examples of the provincial mineral and its diverse appearance.

It’s fantastic to have such a great resource right here in town. The Fundy Geological Museum is open from Wednesday through Monday. Make sure to drop by and explore the natural history of the area with amazing interactive displays.

Happy Wednesday, Anna

2 thoughts on “Rich Local Natural History

  1. Nova Scotia is rich in minerals. It fascinates me to realize that part of our Province was actually attached to Africa as the Geologists have discovered.

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