Exploring the Triassic- Jurassic Era: A Return to Five Islands Provincial Park

It is no secret that the Bay of Fundy holds a great many treasures and ancient information. Five Islands Provincial Park provides us with a “measure in time” where we can examine a fault line that intersects the Jurassic and the Triassic time periods reaching back 200 million years.

Guiding a group of friends from the day use area to the Old Wife Formation at low tide yesterday was a memorable experience. Here are just a few images captured along the way.

We arrived approximately two hours before the tide was at its lowest point. Witnessing the disappearing Bay of Fundy waters and experiencing a walk on the ocean floor was what my group was hoping for.

This was a leisurely walk, running shoes or light hiking boots are recommended. We spent approximately three hours walking and exploring the shoreline

I hope you enjoy the short recap of yesterday’s adventure. Happy Sunday, Anna

7 thoughts on “Exploring the Triassic- Jurassic Era: A Return to Five Islands Provincial Park

    1. The sky here is impressive and reflects perfectly in the Bay of Fundy waters. I love it when there are just a few wisps of clouds above. We live in a magical place!


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