Recounting the Memories: Cape Chignecto – Day 1

When you wake up one morning in February thinking you should circumnavigate Cape Chignecto you either shake your head and ignore the silly thought or you start conditioning. I first found myself a hiking partner with Cape Chignecto experience and then started training. Each journey starts with a single step and the preparation for meContinue reading “Recounting the Memories: Cape Chignecto – Day 1”

Weekend Excursion to the Mahone Bay Area

It was a blustery day yesterday, the weather app labelled it “breezy”. Mahone Bay is always a sight to behold. I will be attending the Winter leadership module offered by the Outdoor Council of Canada here today. Next we scouted the location of the workshop, then found our accommodation in Bridgewater followed by a lovelyContinue reading “Weekend Excursion to the Mahone Bay Area”

Exploring the Triassic- Jurassic Era: A Return to Five Islands Provincial Park

It is no secret that the Bay of Fundy holds a great many treasures and ancient information. Five Islands Provincial Park provides us with a “measure in time” where we can examine a fault line that intersects the Jurassic and the Triassic time periods reaching back 200 million years. Guiding a group of friends fromContinue reading “Exploring the Triassic- Jurassic Era: A Return to Five Islands Provincial Park”

Putting Parrsboro, NS on the Map…

Whether you want to get away for a night, a weekend or longer to explore the Bay of Fundy consider “The Pleasant Street Inn” in Parrsboro… home away from home, even over the holidays!

Fundy GeoPark Tour: Part 2 – Ottawa House Beach and Partridge Island

… Last Thursday Ottawa House Beach was transformed into a classroom to learn about the high tides in the Minas Basin and the top of Partridge Island turned out to be the perfect place to learn about Pangea…

Another Fundy GeoPark Tour: Part 1 – Ottawa House Museum

Ten Days in October is an annual event spanning along the Parrsboro Shore. A joint venture between Ottawa-House-by-the-Sea and the Fundy GeopPark was well worth registering for. Here is a short recap covering Part 1 of the very informative tour!…