Day Hike through Ravenhead Nature Preserve with a stop at the Apple River Lighthouse

I love an extended hike! The weather predictions were favourable for last Thursday, June 23rd. I signed up to participate and my worries about the 20 km distance were completely unfounded.

It’s always great to join an experienced group when exploring a new route. I am not sure I would have followed through on my own when I arrived at the trailhead with its narrow path, tall grass and branches filling in less travelled terrain.

The first leg through the woods leads to Polly’s Flats beach across from the Apple River Sandbank. I always breathe easier when I am near the water.

We discovered several million year old peat moss deposits as we made our way to the trail leading to the Apple River lighthouse. The rich natural history keeps my interest on high alert.

Cape Cappston is the point the lighthouse is situated on. I carefully made my way to the edge of the cliff to look beyond. The rocky shore is another testament to the forces of nature. Looking across to the New Brunswick coast one can just make out Cape Enrage.

After a break for lunch we backtracked through the woods and took the turn leading toward Carrying Cove.

What a sight! Weathered trees, huge rock formations and in the distant water seals barking… it truly is out of this world.

Several miles of steep cliffs, climbing over seaweed covered rocks and bright sunshine kept us moving forward.

We navigated our way past Birch Cove Head into Birch Cove, our final destination before walking another 4.5 km back to our vehicles. I have great difficulty describing the impressive vistas and cliffs with words…

Make sure to enlarge images 4 and 6 in the gallery above and will be able to identify several circular openings in the rock face. These were left by the fossilized trees that have separated from the rock through constant exposure to the elements.

A brief rest in the shade of the mighty cliffs prepared us for the 4.5 km hike back to our starting point. I will leave you with the image of a fossil and Sheep’s Laurel that fought my eye on the hot, bug-infested hike out.

Happy Saturday, everyone! Off to lead a tour on the ocean floor during low tide! Best wishes, Anna

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