Red Rocks Beach in West Advocate and Cape d’Or

I had the pleasure of leading a bus tour with 26 participants down shore yesterday. Our first destination was West Advocate where the Red Rocks beckoned. The group even spotted a seal close to shore in the waters of the outgoing tide.

The landscape was shrouded in mist for most of the day. As we headed to Cape d’Or we experienced sunshine and blue sky for the first time.

Only Isle Haute kept eluding us… it never revealed its mighty cliffs in the distance. With the relentless heatwave fog and mist have dominated the landscape. It was a welcome change to experience one of our stops in glorious sunshine.

I created this final shot on my way up the cliff where the bus was waiting. In reviewing it today I choose it as the best image of the day. It reminds me of a majestic landscape painting of days gone by.

All the best for a new week, Anna

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