A Break in the Rain

My walking group last night was not deterred from heading out for an after dinner jaunt through the rain drenched woods. It wasn’t all that bad: the rain was gentle and warm. The much needed moisture continued through the night and all morning today. When it finally subsided I saw my chance to head back to the woods for a solo excursion.

I love the end results of a rainy day: all the dust has been washed off, plants and rocks appear free of dust, their colours pop!

I checked deep into the woods and the mossy patches under trees for mushrooms. There were a handful of chanterelles to bring home. The Woolley chanterelles were impressive in their size but since they are not edible my initial excitement was quickly dampened.

An hour in the forest passes quickly. How fortunate we are to have the little wooded area only a short distance away from our home. Now, if only the deer flies would end their hunting season😜 a walk in the forest would be even more pleasant!

The clouds are receding, the sky is getting lighter. Sunshine is in the forecast for tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday, Anna

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