The Little Green Crab…

…that could. Green crabs are invasive and steadily making their way north. In Newfoundland, the fisheries are looking into ways to maximize their potential by creating new and innovative dishes. With water temperature rising globally I have noticed more green crabs along the Fundy beaches this summer.

The image above was captured at Soley Cove during a low tide morning excursion. I am not sure if the crab survived the heat of the day. When we came upon her she was moving sideways swiftly toward water. (Say that three times really fast… ;-D )

Happy Labour Day Monday, Anna

2 thoughts on “The Little Green Crab…

  1. I don’t think I have ever seen a photograph of a crab as mesmerizing as this bulging-eyed, menacing-clawed, multi-coloured wonder languishing on a sandy-carpeted beach. Kudos to skilled photographer Anna. This photo would, I am sure, be welcomed by the likes of National Geographic, not to mention by hundreds of beachcombers who may have never taken a moment to get up close and personal with little green crabs!

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