Fiona has moved on from Parrsboro…

…Thanks for checking in today. I received numerous messages inquiring about our well-being.

Here is the short version of the situation in Parrsboro: We have had no power since midnight and no cell phone service in town. I finally found connectivity with my cell phone near the pier.

We weathered the storm without damage to us or our property. Overall there is a fair amount of damage throughout Parrsboro.

We were able to start our generator to keep the freezer cold and prevent food from spoiling. we are grateful the storm has moved on and we pray for everyone still in its path. There is sunshine in the forecast for tomorrow. Let the clean up begin after a good night’s sleep.

Stay safe, everyone! Anna

9 thoughts on “Fiona has moved on from Parrsboro…

  1. It was a doozy. 12 hours without power, it was getting chilly. We finally went to a warming centre nearby to let family and friends know we were okay. One small branch came down but many neighbours lost huge trees and shingles. Thinking of those in Newfoundland, PEI, and Cape Breton.

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  2. Anna and Colin we are so glad to know you and your household have escaped the worst of Fiona! We have been worried about you but that was because I hadn’t checked for posts from you each of the last three days. Thank you so much for your posts so we do know how you are faring. It appears that having a generator is pretty lifesaving and therefore a necessity where you are living so it is great that you have had one and also been able to post using your phone near the pier until connectivity was re-estblished. The destruction Fiona has wrought in the coastal areas of the Maritimes is truly sad to see in newscasts so we can only imagine what it must be like to have been in, and to see personally. Stay well and safe.

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