Fox Point Beach as The Tide Recedes

Fox Point Beach is located in the small community of Fox River. From the first time I visited here it has always held special attraction for me. Andy Goldsworthy, English sculptor, photographer, and environmentalist who produces site-specific sculptures and land art situated in natural and urban settings has actually worked on this particular beach. I was reminded of his past presence when I came upon these amazing icicle groupings. In fact, when Andy created in this location he chose to do so with icicles.

While cliffs hold a certain fascination I am always awestruck by the large seaweed covered boulders emerging from the water as the tide rolls out.

It’s almost full moon and the tide was very high. Even three hours post high tide we were unable to make our way around the rock formations. But there was so much more to discover!

Even this time of the year there is colour, so much colour!

The beach is pebbled and slants toward the water. It lacks packed sandy stretches which makes for a workout sure to elevate one’s heart rate. The terrain is moderately challenging and is best navigated with sturdy hiking boots that keep ankles supported. If balance is lacking hiking poles are a good gear addition. As always, bring along water to stay hydrated and a high energy snack in case of fatigue.

It was amazing to revisit Fox Point Beach. Last winter we needed snowshoes to get down the approach. There was no snow today and the wind was absent as well.

Wishing everyone a relaxing Friday evening, Anna

3 thoughts on “Fox Point Beach as The Tide Recedes

  1. Those icicles are fascinating!! Those formations are magical!! Yes, the full moon is out tonight. Enjoy.
    Thank you for the awesome photos of the seeweed and rocks. Great description of the rocks “emerging” from the water!!
    Have a lovely weekend Anna.

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