Redhead Trail Hike in Five Islands Provincial Park

The map on the AllTrails app was somewhat confusing when I checked it a couple days ago. I decided to leave it for a bit and connect with someone who knows the area well. I didn’t have to wait very long: yesterday my friend Gaby asked if I was up to exploring, wait for it: the Redhead Trail. We thought there would be enough snow to use our snowshoes for the first time this Winter. But once we arrived at the trailhead we left the snowshoes in the car and put our trust into our winter hiking boots instead.

The Redhead Trail leads through the forest to a look off providing unrestricted views of the Redhead, Old Wife Formation and Moose Island.

We could not have asked for better weather: minimal snow over on the natural trail, at times sheltered from any wind, constantly changing light with clouds opening up to blue sky and and reflecting off the Bay of Fundy. It was a treat and I stopped often just to survey the landscape and sea beyond.

Once we reached our destination we caught glimpses of Soley’s Cove at high tide in the opposite direction, another favourite ocean floor hike I embark on several times a year.

It was tough leaving the look off behind with the scenery bathed in magical light and the powerful sounds of waves crashing against the Jurassic sandstone cliffs below.

Upon returning to the main path we decided to hike back to the car via Five Islands Provincial Park Campground. The trail wasn’t easy to navigate and at times the descent proofed quite steep. We remarked how grateful we were for our hiking poles.

Downed trees from Hurricane Fiona were a constant reminder of last September’s devastating storm. The layer of fluffy snow added contrast and a way to highlight how much damage the area sustained. The trails were mostly clear and easy to navigate for which we were grateful.

Trail notes: we gauged the distance of our hike to be about 10+ km which took us approximately 3 ½ hours. We didn’t push, took time to admire the scenery and kept a steady pace along the road leading back to the main gate.

Hiking poles are highly recommended. Carrying water and some energy providing snacks are also strongly suggested. We didn’t notice issues with cell reception but I can’t vouch for full cell service as we didn’t check constantly.

While we didn’t use cleats and/or snow shoes I recommend carrying cleats if the weather stays below freezing or more snow accumulates. We completed this hike on January 22nd, 2023

Hope this hiking recap had something for everyone. May you find energy and inspiration for the start of a new week, Anna

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