Sometimes you just have to escape to the beach…

My new snowshoes arrived yesterday and I was keen to try them. My scheduled hike was poorly attended but my friend decided to tag along and try snowshoeing for the first time. Fran did amazingly well!

The snow wasn’t very deep but I detected ice in regular intervals. We opted for leaving the snowshoes on for the entire trail until we emerged onto the beach. The view was spectacular! Cape Split across the water stood tall and mighty. T

he morning had started out at -15C and it warmed up to -8C by the time we started the excursion. The sun was out in full force, the sky was bright blue and there was no wind. It was an amazing afternoon overall!

Trail info: we chose snowshoes to avoid slipping on icy patches. The approximately 4km trail itself is usually rutted and uneven but easy to navigate overall. Spring, summer and fall call for rubber boots to get through and past the deep puddles and muddy spots.

The trail leading to Diligent River Beach is wooded, there were no obstructions this winter. The beach is vast and great for photographers. Alternatively: just watching the tides going out and coming in is a great backdrop for a picnic. It’s never busy and I have rarely met anyone else. if you are looking for solitude, this hike and beach destination are sure to deliver.

I hope you enjoyed this short Winter hike report from Diligent River. Happy February, Anna

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