Partridge Island Winter Hike

The sky and my stress level were on par this afternoon😜. I just had to get out for a brisk walk. Partridge Island called: it’s often deserted and it provides some shelter from the coastal winds.

It was an eye-opener today to see so many downed trees as I ascended the snow-covered trail. I was grateful for the trekking poles I grabbed at the last minute and wish I had brought my crampons as they would have provided additional traction. Lesson learned! I navigated the trail without any slips or falls.

A couple downed trees forced me to make a detour but at no time did I find myself in a precarious situation. When the sun broke through the clouds I felt rewarded and it really helped clear the cobwebs from my mind…

Trail info: The Partridge Island Eco Trail is a 3 km rugged and narrow path which at times can be steep. Trekking poles are recommended. In winter I strongly suggest to also wear crampons. The trail is too narrow for snowshoes.

Avid hikers and cardio junkies will welcome the initial steep ascent. This trail eventually levels out and descents toward the look-off tower. I would label the Partridge Island Eco Trail Loop as moderate in difficulty. Sturdy footwear is necessary to safely navigate the uneven terrain. Due to the snow covered unbroken trail I slowed my pace, stopped for photographs along the way and allowed for one hour to complete the hike.

I sincerely hope today’s hike report is helpful to others. Wishing everyone a great Thursday. We are preparing for a deep freeze this weekend. Hopefully it levels out so we can explore the great Nova Scotia outdoors at least for a short while!

Best wishes, Anna

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