Cape d’Or Never Disappoints!

It was grey, we had some snow but the closer we got to Cape d’Or the more blue sky appeared!

We hiked in on the main road (somewhere during the planning stages I misunderstood that we would be exploring the woods…😜). Instead we had an uphill hike both ways… excellent for conditioning for more strenuous hiking soon!

Once again, the destination showed off its majestic splendour. Heading out with like-minded photographers is perfect! We all explore different vantage points and are able to put our own spin on what we find.

The highlight was a little birthday celebration for our friend Gaby. We made fresh coffee and shared some German Käse-Sahne-Torte (her favourite!) in the sun beside the lighthouse.

Hope everyone’s Sunday was as blissful as ours. Ready to face another week. Cheers, Anna

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