Definitely NO Walk in the Park…

We departed approximately 11 am on Friday morning and returned at the same time Monday morning.
We were happy for all the conditioning we did and yet there were scrambles uphill that I would never have attempted two years ago. There was a challenging detour and a struggle for water at one point. But we made it out smiling. Best of all: we are still friends talking to each other! Thanks, Gaby, Enya and Brian for an epic adventure!

Getting home was equally exciting… Ash had her puppies early this morning! She is an awesome mom!

A proper hike report (in instalments) is forthcoming. I am sorting and editing images and preparing a detailed report.

Thank you for your interest in achieving this very personal goal of mine! I made it, shoulders are a little sore thanks to the 35 lb pack but there is no knee pain! I am truly thrilled!

What a great start to a new week, Anna

2 thoughts on “Definitely NO Walk in the Park…

  1. Congratulations to you & to Ash. Both of you came through with flying colours. Looks like are are two puppies. Your home is going to become much more lively. Take care.

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