Wasson’s Bluff Excursion

I kicked off a new and free hiking program in Parrsboro today. The fact that one hiker showed up means that it is already a success! Maddie and I set out to Wasson’s Bluff as planned. But as we arrived at the beach we assessed our situation in relation to the tide and decided toContinue reading “Wasson’s Bluff Excursion”

Wasson’s Bluff Two Islands Beach

It was lightly snowing in Parrsboro today but I had to scout a beach for a hike scheduled for Wednesday. Risk Assessment and hazard reduction/elimination is first and foremost on a field leader’s mind when planning a group hike. The approach to this beach can be difficult with washed out sections but today it passedContinue reading “Wasson’s Bluff Two Islands Beach”

Tour Day!

Sometimes the best days are those that are planned at the spur of the moment. Today was such a day! Two lovely guests to Parrsboro were interested in exploring the shore. We made it to Phinney Green just before high tide. The clouds parted and the sun illuminated the beach perfectly for pictures. The afternoonContinue reading “Tour Day!”

Rock Hounding in the Bay of Fundy

Exploring the beaches has become my passion. Sharing the area with visitors is the next best thing. This week I am spending time with a young rock hounder from Quebec. Our first stop was Wasson’s Bluff shortly after sunrise on Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon we ventured to Five Island Provincial Park to explore the beach aroundContinue reading “Rock Hounding in the Bay of Fundy”

Parrsboro at Sunrise…

Getting up before sunrise happens when an early hike is planned. Today I am showing a visitor to Parrsboro some of our spectacular sights in the Fundy GeoPark. Our first stop is Wasson’s Bluff. The sunrise was spectacular at the bottom of our backyard and when I turned to make my way to the meetingContinue reading “Parrsboro at Sunrise…”

Wasson’s Bluff to Clarke Head…

…”I don’t think you can do that…” was the answer to my question shortly after we arrived in late 2020. I had inquired with the walking group I belonged to at the time. It’s taken me nearly 18 months to prove to myself that crossing the mudflats is definitely an option. I arrived at Wasson’sContinue reading “Wasson’s Bluff to Clarke Head…”

Seeking Oneness with the World…

Our surroundings are filled with awe inspiring and magical gifts ready to be discovered…