In and Around Ottawa House Beach

Ottawa House Beach is a favourite beach to explore. There is a vast beach to walk on. The beach connects to Partridge Island and a little further from there is East Bay. My first time visiting East Bay was on a chilly November day last fall. I can honestly say that I was not that fond of the biting, bone-chilling wind that cut straight through my winter coat!

Yesterday the weather was much more pleasant and, after I parked my car, I decided to cross the marsh to check out the weir where, twice a day at low tide, the fish harvest takes place. I arrived during the rising tide with enough time to navigate the rocky shore and get some great images.

It was a glorious day with sunshine, blue skies and just enough clouds to make the sky more interesting. By the time the tide reaches its highest point the nets will be submerged. It’s always difficult to imagine and impossible to photograph as the marsh I crossed will also be under water. Here is a little more info on how weir fishing works.

It was a quiet day and the perfect time to head toward Partridge Island next.

Check back tomorrow when I will share my solitary excursion of Partridge Island’s eco walk with you.

Have a wonderful day! Warm wishes, Anna

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