Partridge Island

I actually stopped for the first time to read the plaque in its entirety…

I am always grateful for information on any given trail. The information provided here is spot on. “Second Wind Bench” is a popular resting spot for many…

“Second Wind Bench”

The next stretch of trail leads to one of my favourite look off points and the weather could not have been better to enjoy the view!

Yes, these are tree roots that span the width of the gorge below. The light was perfect as the trees filtered the harsh mid-day sunlight. Birds were chirping and just when I thought it was blissfully quiet I realized that the sound of a powerful motor boat was traveling across the water. This was a good time to carry on.

A little ways further up the path I located another two information plaques…

…but after that I was guided by my responses to the lush environment. The light illuminating foliage, spots of sunlight on the lush moss, bark separating from trees, smooth and shiny tree bases, the wind rustling gently through the trees…

When I arrived at this bench bathed in sunlight I reached a place where no man-made sounds traveled: Cheerful bird song overhead, the faint sounds of water from the beach below completely devoid of motor sounds or human voices. Pure bliss!

The view from the bench

Eventually I carried on toward an even better view. The ultimate destination is the look off tower, every time!

In one direction the Bay of Fundy looking toward Cape Sharp, in the other direction a mixed forest and not another soul anywhere.

On the way back I made more discoveries just following my instinct. I never veered off the path and yet the discoveries were limitless! I was especially intrigued by the curling bark.

Soon I was nearing the beach access where I started. It’s always wonderful to head downhill.

These dead branches caught my attention. I asked myself how long the long branch will remain across this grouping. The next strong wind might just shift or send it crashing down. I will make sure to check next time I explore Partridge Island.

A strong reminder that summer is advancing quickly was brought to my attention just as I was about to leave the cooling trees behind: Berries are ripening in record time! This blackberry will be ready for picking very soon…

Thanks for joining me as I reflected on my afternoon on Partridge Island. May it set the tone for a relaxing weekend. Best wishes, Anna

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